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I've always had this feeling that I am so incredibly small in such this huge world and there is so much information that there is no way for me to even begin to grasp it. If only I could understand it better, then maybe I could influence IT, whatever IT is. Acting is the bridge not only to self-discovery, but also the discovery of the world. What's always been appealing to me is that character in a specific place, where I've never been, and the people I've never met and that's why I want to be that character in that space, going through somebody else's life, so that I can understand that type of life better. 

I wish I had the opportunity to pursue this passion when I first realized it was a passion. However, having the life experiences I had has helped me appreciate the craft so much more and has given me the tools and enthusiasm to pursue it. As cliché as it sounds, I hope to be able to convey a message through this website: it is never too late to start living. No matter how risky it is, dare to pursue your passion. Dare to believe and do not lose your spirit when it is so easy to in the times that we live. 




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